Time is relative - sometimes it goes by fast and other times it goes by slow. As a kid this concept of time is often hard to understand and they tend to become inpatient when driving on long roadtrips with their family. You might remember yourself asking your mum or dad for the hundredth time: ”Are we there yet?” 
The prototype was intended to help kids from the age of 5 to 10 to better understand time. The prototype show them how far they are one their travels with a tangible and moving car that simulates their trip from “Start” to  “Finish”. During their trip they can take pictures that will be saved on the specific position of the car, and that can be seen later on by moving the car to the positions that contains pictures. In other words, the prototype is intended to help kids learn how time is relative by connecting sights on their road trip to specific positions, and thus connect time to their memories. 
The prototype was made of a raspberry pi, a camera, a screen, laser cut wood, and soft leather. The steering wheel was made in a size and weight that fits small hands.
The group project was part of a course in tangible interactions during Oda's master's degree.

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