No Isolation tackle loneliness and involuntary social isolation by developing communication tools that help those affected. Their first product is AV1, a telepresence robot designed to allow children and young adults with long-term illness to participate in their social and educational lives. AV1 was launched in August 2016 and currently helps about 500 children across ten countries. Their second product is KOMP, a one-button screen designed to improve the communication between generations and family members, regardless of technological skills. Through KOMP, seniors can receive messages, photos and video calls. As of today, more than 45,000 moments have been shared with KOMP.

Oda has been working with No Isolation since the very beginning. Through her time in the company she worked with everything from conducting extensive user testing of the first prototypes of AV1, creating wireframes for the first AV1 application, to building the companyʼs online presence through their website. User research, usability testing, prototyping, app design, web design, wireframing, concept development and content creation is the main activities she has been doing while working at the company. She also ran a long term pilot/user test with Kreftforeningen, testing the AV1 robot with young adults and children suffering from cancer. 

Photo: Estera Kluczenko

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