D10 is a startup that provides state of the art collaboration and visualization software for the architecture, engineering and construction industry. Using off the shelf Virtual Reality hardware, their software platform enables professionals to import 3D-models and instantly work with them in virtual reality, with any other users, anywhere in the world.
Oda was given the assignment of redesigning their "Lobby" – where users log in, import 3D models, create new VR rooms or join existing ones. The project started with a workshop together with the Dimension10 team, defining goals and user tasks. Further, Oda created simple black and white wireframes to visualize the user flow and user tasks available. After some tweaking together with the Dimension10 team the wireframes were extended to include D10's design profile, and a clickable prototype in InVision was created. The prototype was then user tested with four participants from their user group to verify the usability and to discover faults or misunderstandings in the design. The final result and delivery was a clickable prototype in InVision, together with a Zeplin file for front end developers. 
Some of the design sketches and user flows can be viewed below.

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